Begin Again

In love with the movie! Love the indie vibe. Love the soundtrack. Love the sequencing. Love the characters. Love the not so love story. Begin Again is def worth a second watch! - FB

True that! Up to this moment I’m still experiencing a hangover.


You should know that Im writing this blog listening to ‘Tell Me if You Wanna Go’ by Keira Knightley.

Filmed in the beautiful, crazy jungle of New York, Begin Again is a sweet, fast-paced movie that talks about second chances, music and ingenious performances.

The movie opened in a bar, where a sad-looking Greta (Keira Knightley) was caught in an open mic night. Despite the rejection of her audience, she got instantly lost in her music. It was then that the cut-backs of events happened. I’m not explaining it here because you have to watch the movie and witness how the director managed to create the magic.

Opening: A Step You Can’t Take Back.

Greta - A broken-hearted girl with a Norah Jones voice. A strong, stubborn and fearless woman who has been recently left by his boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine).

Dan - Is a drunken, music producer who gave Greta a shot to music industry. A lost man to his family, colleagues and career.

She met Dan who offered her to sign a label… Together they created beautiful music and recorded it raw in an unexpected places, in the street, under the bridge, subway and just about anywhere. Beautiful.

So you know Adam Levine was in the movie right? He played the role of Dave Kohl, a forthcoming musician. Adam was perfect for the music parts but for acting, I say, Adam has a long way to go.

In the alley song: Coming Up Roses

My Favorite parts:

The heartbreaking scene; The moment when Greta (Keira) slapped the face of the mighty, ambitious Dave ‘Adam Levine’ Kohl who then admitted he was a douche bag, I felt her. I felt the betrayal, the lost, the love and hurt. It was the moment that changed everything. It was the moment where I wanted to slap my friend because I was feeling so angry. Why would you want to look for someone if you have your soul mate right there?

There’s also a part in the movie where Great called Dave because she and her guy friend wanted to get back to Dave. In this moment I was like, ‘Go Girl!’ After that I hurt for Keira. Again.

Voicemail: Like a Fool.

I also love the scene in the rooftop. My girl friends and I were singing in the movie house (thanks to #Musixmatch for the lyrics). That scene was just magical! All the elements just fitted together, the light, Keira, the base guitar, music and their family. Replay button.

Rooftop: Tell Me if You Wanna Go Home

The movie is a celebration of music and friendship. Its about building new bridges while picking yourself up and finding an opportunity to stand on your own.

The ending is just right. Greta was still stubborn in selling her record in the music stores. Dan’s family got back together (spoiler sorry). Greta and Dave..argh watch the movie people!!! :) The end of the story depicts the beginning for everyone. I can’t say it was a cliff-hanger but I think the director wanted the viewers to let their mind continue the story. As for me, I created a beautiful one.

Listen: Lost Stars by Adam Levine

I am really thankful that this movie came out because I’m so tired of the usual action, fantasy, superhero movie (gag). Begin Again is refreshing, direct and touching. So for those who are looking for a feel-good and sappy HEA ending, Begin Again will definitely not disappoint.

I know its summer now in the US, but here in the Philippines, we are in the rainy season. Begin Again is perfect for a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon, where you can just curl up in bed and zone out of everything.

Thanks for reading! Ciao!

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